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Genuine Busch Replacement Parts|There are times when cheap imitation parts just won't cut it
Fact: Using genuine Busch replacement parts will lower yearly maintenance costs


Have you looked at what those cheap imitation parts for your Busch vacuum pumps really cost you? By cutting corners in the manufacturing process, the imitators are able to offer parts at a lower price; but you also get reduced levels of product quality and service life (at no extra charge).


Two of the most commonly imitated parts for our R 5 series rotary vane pumps are exhaust filters and vanes. While the imitation parts may have the same fit as genuine Busch parts, none offer the same level of performance, reliability or service life. This results in higher overall replacement parts costs, as well as higher overall labor costs from premature or repeated part failure.


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Not convinced?

Imitation Parts, RA0630

Consider that for a typical R 5 series vacuum pump application:


1. The typical service life for a genuine Busch exhaust filter is 12 months or longer.

2. The typical service life for a genuine Busch vane is 10 years or longer.


Do the math:


Let's say you have an RA 0630, 25.0 HP vacuum pump that you operate 6,000 hours per year. Let's also say that you purchase non-genuine exhaust filters for $65 each (the RA 0630 requires eight of them), replacing them every 1,000 hours of operation, that it takes approximately one hour to change the filters, and that your overhead rate is $75/hour.


On a yearly basis you would be spending $3,570 for parts and labor combined. If you use Busch genuine exhaust filters, and your filter change interval was 6,000 hours, your yearly savings would be just over 75% per year!


If you find yourself changing exhaust filters or vanes on a more frequent basis, the reason could be due to carryover from the process, but it may also be due to the quality of the parts you are buying. Note that Busch cannot predict or guarantee the actual service life of a given part (or pump) as it is directly impacted by the dynamics of the application the pump is on, and the quality of preventative maintenance the pump receives.


Still not convinced?

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